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Keloids Treatment

Keloids are a type of scar that develops from an uncontrolled growth of the collagen of the skin after a traumatic event. Keloids tend to occur more in clients with darker skin types, though have the potential to occur in anyone.

They present as thickened, hard growths that expand beyond the margins of a normal wound. They are most commonly seen on the chest, back and earlobes, and have the potential to grow exceptionally large and be very obvious. Many keloids grow tightly around the superficial nerves of the skin and can also be very painful.

Medical treatment for a cure is very tricky because most treatments involve physical modalities that can re-traumatize the area and potentially cause keloids to recur larger. Medical improvements are possible in many cases. Still these medical procedures create improvements that occur over time, and not quickly. The treatment of keloids may involve topical medicines, injections of medicines, special Band-Aids, radiation therapy, lasers, and in only the most severe cases, surgical removal.