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Hand Dermatitis Treatment

Hand Dermatitis is one of the most common conditions in dermatology, largely because people use their hands so much. Between coming into regular contact with substances, chemicals, irritants, allergens (latex gloves), excessive hand-washing, and even just the simple friction of the regular use of your hands, the skin integrity is easily compromised. It can manifest itself as small flaky, dry skin, to deeply cracked and fissured skin, to severe blistering.

Hand dermatitis is debilitating in that it makes it difficult for some people to perform their jobs and daily functions. In some cases, people have to change their jobs to avoid the products causing their condition. The largest culprit tends to be those who wash their hands too well or too excessively.

Practicing good dry skin care is an important foundation to treating this condition well (see Dry Skin). Consulting your dermatologist is also important to make sure there are no underlying issues exacerbating the condition.