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My appointment with Aspire Dermatology was a nice surprise. The office is very pleasant, the staff is courteous and Dr. Michaels saw me on time. He quickly diagnosed the minor skin problem and treated it on the spot. All in all, a very positive experience.

Jane Proctor, Portsmouth, RI

I met with Dr. Michaels on Dec 18th and it was a very positive experience. The office and staff are pleasant, friendly and efficient. I had a previous med consult with another professional that left me frightened and apprehensive. At my initial appointment with Dr. Michaels he consulted with his PA in my presence. I must say I appreciate the Team approach as it gave me yet another opinion. The diagnosis was the same however but not the prescribed treatment. He discussed the procedure with me and said that it could be done right then and there. I was surprised since the previous consult treatment was quite different, more invasive and would have involved stitches and possible scaring. Dr. Michaels made this seem so easy and effortless with no stitches that I decided to complete the procedure right then and there. I can tell you that I had no pain during or after the procedure, I received excellent instructions for home care and no follow up visit. I followed the home care Rx methodically and I have no scarring. What an unbelievable experience compared to what I thought I would be facing.

Best regards, M.T. Shadduck

You have been a Godsend to me. The procedures you have done are exceptional.

Warmest wishes, Carol French

You are the best. Nobody can beat the level of customer service and kindness at Aspire Dermatology.

Susan Iovino

Thanks for your passion and dedication. It has showed with every visit. What you do is an art. You are blessed and gifted.

Kate Wilson

Thank you for your helpfulness and thoughtfulness while taking care of my family over the years. Your caring attention has always inspired confidence.

Linda Leake

Thank you so much for your personal attention and caring with my treatment. Without you I might have never had my scar repaired, which would have had lasting effects physically and emotionally. Thank you for your kindness and the personal attention of your staff.

William Yontz