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Pocket Patient App for Telehealth Visits - Download PDF

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Steps 1 - 3

1. Upon scheduling your appointment, our staff will ask for a valid email address. You will receive a link in that email to download the Pocket Patient app from the app store.

2. Once downloaded, enter the URL:

3. Log in with your patient portal username and password provided to you by our staff.

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Step 4

4. Click on VIRTUAL in the menu bar and REQUEST VIRTUAL CHECK IN.


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Step 5

5. Select the provider that your appointment is scheduled with.

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Step 6

6. You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the application.

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7. Select your reason for visit.


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Step 8

8. Select the body location affected.

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Step 9 & 10

9. You will be prompted to take some photos of the area, up close and far away.

Note: You can either take new photos by clicking on the camera icon, or choose a photo from you camera gallery

10. You will then be prompted through some medical questions to review your symptoms, medications tried, etc.


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Steps 11 - 12

11. Submit case once finished.

12. Once your provider reviews your case, they will call you via telephone to initiate the telehealth visit.