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Comprehensive Patient Support through Interpreter Services

Aspire Dermatology is committed to providing the most comprehensive dermatological services for all of our patients, including the provision of interpreter services for those patients who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have limited understanding of the English language. Interpreter services for our patients are FREE, and ensures that every patient at Aspire Dermatology receives the same level of medical and professional care from our entire team.

Sign Language Services

If a patient is deaf or hard of hearing, and would like to have a sign language interpreter available during an appointment, Aspire Dermatology is glad to schedule a qualified American Sign Language interpreter to be brought in to attend the appointment. A minimum of 48 hours will be required for Aspire to schedule an interpreter to be in attendance during the patient appointment.

Non-English Language Services

Precise communication with our patients is extremely important to Aspire Dermatology. In an effort to provide the highest level of care for our non-English speaking patients, or those patients with a limited understanding of the English language, Aspire offers on-demand phone interpretation services, no matter what language they speak.

Interpretation services are available in over 150 languages, and are available at all of our offices. Qualified interpreters will be available on-demand via telephone to interpret all matters pertaining to the patient’s visit including medical and general business topics.

All interpreters utilized during patient appointments are experienced professionals with extensive vocabularies in both languages, a minimum of 3 years interpretation services experience, and an intimate familiarity with both cultures. A male or female interpreter may be requested for sensitive calls.

Finally, to safeguard the privacy of our patients, all interpreters provided by Aspire Dermatology are required to sign a strict code of conduct and robust confidentiality agreement, further providing assurance of absolute confidentiality and complete privacy.