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Acne Treatment

Acne is a common inflammatory skin condition that primarily affects children in their teenage years, though it can be present in many age groups. It is often referred to as pimples, and takes on several different forms. It most commonly presents on the face, neck and shoulders. Acne can be a serious condition in that some people are left with permanent, lifelong scars if not treated appropriately.

Hormonal fluctuations have a lot to do with acne. Other causes include excessive oil production, plugging of hair follicles, stress, bacteria, and genetics. It is debated as to whether certain foods cause acne, though if you know of something that causes a breakout, just don’t eat it! Common culprits include carbonated sodas and chocolate.

There are many different treatment modalities available for this condition, including topical and oral medicines, chemical peels, light therapies, lasers, and recently, photodynamic therapy (topical + laser + light therapy).