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Preventative Skin Care Treatment

Preventative skin care has developed into a multi-billion dollar, global business as increasingly more creams, lotions and potions are developed to keep peoples skin looking more youthful, healthier, cancer-free and fresh. Still, at the root of an effective skin care program are preventative strategies that should be incorporated into a clients daily routine. The single, most important steps include a limit on sun exposure and regular sunscreen use. Sun is the worst offender in creating skin cancers and prematurely aging the skin in ways that may be irreversible.

Preventative skin care also means catching on to the idea of maintaining your skin, no different from maintaining your car or your home. It is amazing how neglected our most important feature can be! Dr. Michaels and his qualified staff can help put together a plan that best suits your needs, including recommending a topical skin care regimen, discussing maintenance procedures that keep your skin looking its best (facials and light base therapy) and ending with laser options to correct more difficult imperfections.

Regular skin checks are also imperative. As a board certified dermatologist, Dr. Michaels can regularly examine your skin for atypical growths. Even melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, has a 99% cure rate if caught early…If you notice that a mole that doesn’t look or behave as before, show it to your dermatologist soon.